25th All Nations Cup - Aachen 2007

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Duration - 9 hours 50 Minutes

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The first of the two-year-old filly classes had no less than three Ekstern daughters entered, plus three by Khidar**** and two by Al Lahab, but all were beaten by the very nice chestnut, the Marwan Al Shaqab* daughter PR Rose of Marwan, bred in the US, but now owned by Al Shaqab Stud. Second and third were two of the Janów Stud’s Ekstern daughters, Sefora and Pinta. Sefora is a little different in type to the other Ekstern babies in that she is leggier, giving her a more elegant look, but Pinta is no less charming…. The next class was pure Aachen – hair tingling, audience cheering, roof-lifting magic: the Michalów class. Only six mares came forward, yet all gained a score of 90 points or more and four were bred by Michalów and, in fact, they took the top four in the placings. First was the fabulous grey Palmira. Every ounce a champion, this mare had the huge score of 94.70, which included five 20s for her wonderful movement. Palmira also has tremendous grace and femininity which helped put her above the second-placed Eberia, again bred by Michalów but the only one not now owned by them as she belongs to Jadem Arabians ...

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Set 1:  
Disc 1 -

Classes 1 - 2

Disc 2 - Classes 3a - 4
Disc 3 - Classes 5 - 8
Disc 4 - Classes 9 - 12
Set 2:
Disc 5 -

Championships & Top 5; Handlers Cup,   Presentations & Ridden Awards

Disc 6 -

Gala Evening - Part One

Disc 7 - Gala Evening - Part Two

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