Syria - WAHO 2007 - The Bedouin Horses

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Duration - 5 hours, 40 minutes

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We landed in Damascus on Sunday 22 April 2007. A ‘few’ years earlier Lady Anne Blunt’s diaries recorded: “April 17 1878 – I am lying under the trees in one of the gardens of Damascus, looking up at the pink and blue sunset sky … We fortunately found a garden where it seems travellers are in the habit of pitching their tents.”   And so it was that, at last, Damascus was hosting the delayed 2006 WAHO Conference. Held in the Four Seasons Hotel, our accommodation, however, was slightly different to the days of Lady Anne Blunt … and so the adventure began …  
Notes kindly provided by:    
The Arabian Magazine

Set 1:  
Disc 1 - Bedouin Camp, Asayel Alsham Stud
Disc 2 - Damascus Parade, Alghabra'a Stud, Basil Al Assad Centre,            Damascus Breeders 
Disc 3 -

Aneze tribe, Alfurat Stables, Ganama Stables

Set 2:  
Disc 4 -

Tai & allied tribes, Shumar Tribe, Shammar Tribe, Hama Spring Festival

Disc 5 -

Alleppo breeders, Alisinah Tribe

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