UK International Arabian Horse Show 2007

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Duration - 11 hours

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With the depressing weather that we have experienced in this so-called British summertime – having to wear wellies in July and shows being cancelled everywhere, including the National Show – Towerlands was probably more eagerly anticipated this year than ever before … Enter yearling colts and the appropriately-named Hypnotic Ibn Eternity-D hit the top spot with 92.4 points. He was an instant eye-catcher and a fantastic mover, sharing the same beauty as his famous Navaroné family. Hypnotic is owned and bred by the Despeghel-Van Hee family of Belgium … The mares aged seven-to-ten-years-old saw what was probably the most popular win of the day MA Bint Azadik (Om El Azadik* x Om El Sabiya Estopa), shown by Frank Spönle. Bint Azadik sauntered into the ring – an absolutely classic, typey and feminine mare – and she proved to be unbeatable. Proudly owned and bred by Mike Ashmore, this mare scored 92.4 including three 20s and six 19.5s …

Notes kindly provided by:    
Samantha Mattocks
The Arabian Magazine

Set 1:  
Disc 1 -

Classes 1 - 2

Disc 2 -

Classes 3a - 4

Disc 3 -

Classes 5 - 7

Disc 4 -

Classes 8 - 10
Set 2:

Disc 5 - Classes 11 – 12, In-hand Championships
Disc 6 -

Classes 13 - 14, Gelding Championship; Liberty & Super Veteran

Disc 7 -

Classes 15 - 17, Ridden Championship

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